Best Anti Theft Travel Bags – 2020

When choosing a bag ( a handbag, travel purse, daypack or backpack) for travel or city use most people will give some thought to security. It makes sense to buy a bag that makes a bag snatcher’s or pickpocket’s life as hard as possible. We’ve taken a look at the best anti-theft travel bags for travelers, the ones designed to keep your passport, cash and other travel essentials attached to you. These anti-theft bags work just as well for daily use, anywhere in the world.

In my personal experience as a global traveler of many years, a small cross-body handbag or travel purse is extremely useful. You don’t always want to carry your day-pack, backpack or suitcase if you’re just going out for the evening, for instance. For times like this, I generally use a small crossbody bag, there are several designs below suitable for evening use.

I have a couple of cross-body fabric bags that I pack for travel, both have internal pockets and I can easily add extra security with a safety-pin or two. If you want to buy a travel bag designed to keep the thieves at bay and look a bit dressy or formal, somebody has thought of that!

Here are the best and most popular anti-theft bags for travel and for travelers. As an extra security measure, some also have RFID blocking capacity. The new anti-theft backpacks with built-in charging ports are another travel must-have, see them at the end of the post along with a few extra anti-theft devices you may like. All are suitable for use as travel bags and have similar anti-theft features while having slightly different uses.

These bags are mostly aimed at women, but some would work just as well for men, Men like using a smaller crossbody bag, similar to this one. Although not designed as anti-theft travel bags, We think they’re a great, long-lasting, good-looking, option and of course, can be worn crossbody.

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Our Top Picks

For UK, Europe, and USA

If you don’t have time to read this full post, our top picks are here. One is an anti-theft bag for travel, work or city. See it here. The other is an anti-theft backpack ideal for city life or travel days. See it here. Find full descriptions and specifications further down the page.

Tips For Buying and Using an Anti – Theft Bag or Purse

Before we get into the best anti-theft bags here are some extra tips for travel bag security:

  • Keep your bag across your body, not on 1 shoulder.
  • Wear the bag on your front, not on your hip or behind.
  • Keep a hand on it on busy trains, buses or in markets.
  • Don’t keep everything in one bag, spread valuables around various hiding places.
  • Avoid motorized bag snatchers by keeping yourself and the bag away from the road.

What Features Should an Anti Theft Bag Have?

In an anti-theft travel purse or bag look out for features such as:

  • anti slash fabric
  • locking pockets and locking zippers
  • RFID blocking
  • steel enforced shoulder straps
  • locking hardware for securing to immovable objects

The Travelon bags generally have all of these anti-theft features.

Cross Body Anti-Theft Purses and Bags

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