Welcome to Backpacking!

Welcome to /r/Backpacking. It has now been over 10 years of this subreddit, and we just passed our 1,000,000th subscriber!

By popular demand, this subreddit explores both uses of the word Backpaking: Wilderness and Travel Below are the rules and links to the dozens of related subreddits, many of which focus on more specific aspects of Backpacking of both types, and specific geographic locations.

(The other main reason this post is here is so that the weekly thread works properly. Otherwise there would be two weekly threads showing.)


  1. All posts must be flaired “Wilderness” or “Travel”

  2. Advertisements, low quality blogspam, and self-promotional content will be removed if they make up your only contribution to this subreddit. Acceptable Self-Promotion means at least participating in non-commercial/non-self promotional ways more often than not.

  3. Be courteous and civil. Polite, constructive criticism of ideas is acceptable. Unconstructive criticism of individuals and usage of strong profanity is unacceptable.

  4. All photos and videos must be Original Content

  5. Follow Rediquette.

If you have any questions, or are unsure whether something is ok to post, feel free to contact the moderators.

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